6 Searching

On this page you will find links to online information and resources covering many of the topics mentioned in the chapter. The links are organized according to which section of the chapter they are relevant to.

6.1 Discrete Tag Game

6.2 Controllers that Use Search

6.3 Searching Further Ahead

6.3.1 Uninformed Search Algorithms

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6.4 Searching in Continuous Domains

6.4.1 Informed Search

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6.4.2 Replanning

6.5 Waypoints

References: [vW01] [KL00] [Doy02]

6.5.1 Tactical Path Planning

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6.6 Adversarial Search

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6.6.1 Treating Adversaries as Part of the Environment

References: [Fun99]

6.7 Rendering a Search

6.8 General Goal Action Planning

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