2 Acting

On this page you will find links to online information and resources covering many of the topics mentioned in the chapter. The links are organized according to which section of the chapter they are relevant to.

2.1 Tag Game

2.2 Game-State

2.3 Simulator

2.3.1 Actions Action Representation

2.3.2 Animations

References: [KGP02] [Kin00]

2.3.3 Newtonian Physics

References: [WB01] [Bou01] [GT95] [LvdPF00] [LCR03] [FvdPT01] [HP97] [Fal95]

2.3.4 Tag Game Physics

References: [Rey99] [Bra84] [Rey99]

2.3.5 Passage of Time

2.3.6 Collisions

References: [vdB03] [WB01] [Bou01]

Jie Gao - Collision Detection

2.3.7 Fixed Time-Step Simulation

2.3.8 Discrete Event Simulation

2.4 Controllers

2.4.1 Hierarchical Control

2.4.2 Hierarchical Actions

Cognitive/Agent Architecture

2.4.3 Level of Detail

2.4.4 Game Action Compatibility

2.5 Possible Actions

2.5.1 Animations and Controllers

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