7 Learning

On this page you will find links to online information and resources covering many of the topics mentioned in the chapter. The links are organized according to which section of the chapter they are relevant to.

David W. Aha: Machine Learning Page
Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AUAI)
Craig Boutilier's Web Page
Daphne Koller
Machine Learning in Games
C++ Machine-learning Library
Kernel Machines
Machine Learning Network Online Information Service
Machine Learning in Games

7.1 Simulated Learning

7.2 Definitions

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7.2.1 Offline Unsupervised Learning

References: [BM98] [Tes95]

Ratbag games
Article about supervised learning for Colin McRae's Rally2
Robot Auto Racing Simulator

7.3 Rewards

References: [LCR03]

7.3.1 Utility

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7.4 Remembering

References: [SB98] [RN02]

7.4.1 Function Approximation

7.5 Reinforcement Learning

7.5.1 Compass Directions

7.5.2 Waypoints

7.5.3 Transition Model

7.5.4 Convergence

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7.5.5 Function Approximation

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