The code compiles and runs on MacOSX, Linux and Windows. See the included README.txt for more details on system requirements, installing and compiling.

Although there is a gzipped tar file and a zip file for the latest C++ release, you should instead download the latest version directly from the subversion repository. Assuming you have a recent version of a subversion client installed, the command to do this is:

svn co ai4games

After checking out the code you should have 2 subdirectories. The tagGame subdirectory contains the C++ version of the code and the tag subdirectory contains the Python version.

Please note, the code is not intended to ever become a fully fledged game or game engine. It is simply a small pedagogical example used to illustrate some ideas about how game code can be structured. It is currently in a very early stage of development and there is still a lot to fix and improve.

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